Sunday, May 31, 2009

Miller Center National Debates U.S. energy policy, including the use of carbon-based fuels.


 The echoing sentiment debated and built upon during the PBS program housed in it the apparent next move - best move for controlling climate change, aiding conservation, and bringing to bear the new policies of a environmentally conscious society - was the golden ticket to both sides presenting in the Miller Center National Debate on Energy Policy which aired locally on PBS/WITF today. 

 Two sides discussed various topics of Energy Policy including items included and excluded from the Waxman Bill. The bill is up for adoption (apparently) soon by the Federal government. Those presenting were...

 Chrisine Todd Whitmann, Former EPA administrator
 Jon Podesta, Former White House Chief of Staff
 Caron Harbert, of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
 James Woolsey, Former CIA Director
 This was a very interesting discussion, and another instance IMHO of TV being used the way it should. Some notes and statements from the broadcast appear below. 

"We can't run a 21st century economy on the current infrastructure", Jen Harbert. 

 James Woolsey, " They have on one building as much or more wind and solar as the entire state of Florida, or Texas. The Germans have it right." 

 The energy grid must be renewed, even if we don't add a kilowatt of power, it is badly out of date, Christine Todd Whitmann

 -> Solar still expensive. 
 -> #1. Wind
 -> Create new jobs, create new industry - nuclear?; solar; wind - means for getting wind and solar to places where people live is arguably the same transportation problems we aim to control with improved efficiency. 

 BANANA (build anything, anywhere
 NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) 

Waxman Bill
  Discussion on the Waxmann Bill, energy renewal programs, alternative forms of energy, climate control, etc. hosted by Jim Angle in the Miller Room, on PBS May 31st. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Discussing Emerging Technologies, Trends, and Tales in the Green Energy and Sustainable Living Spaces

Over the weekend I was able to attend a Green Jobs Forum hosted by the York County Conservation Alliance. The discussion was held at Penn State York and featured a list of qualified speakers. They represented various industries include education, archititure and engineering, and oil and other energy brokers. John Hanger, of the EPA was on hand and spoke first. 

  • Representative Eugene DePasquale - York, PA 95th District
  • Secretary, Department of Environmental Protection John Hanger
  • Director Tom Tuffey of Penn Future for Energy, Enterprise and Environment
  • Director of Special Initatives Kevin Abbey from Penn State - Technical Assistance Program
  • Tom Donley from the York County Chamber of Commerce
  • Shaun Pardi from Envinity Incorporated
  • Dr. James Kraft and Sue Hoffman from York County School of Technology
  • David Hortman from York Technical Institute 

Jane Heller, a York local who I know from Spring Garden County Community meetings. Mrs. Heller is a passionate woman. She is a people’s citizen who does her due diligence in supporting and inspiring others to engage in issues that matter to them.

In the coming weeks I plan to share with you some of the items that were gone over during the forum and possibly include supporting information. For me, there were many new ideas to digest and as I learn more about these things I’ll likely trail down some new avenues. I hope the endeavor will make me, and possibly you in return, more aware.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Team Showers: Saving Water or Sparking Romantic Frivolity?

You've probably seen that I write about ways to keep water and energy consumption down. And why not? Reduced use are conservation paths for us to be good stewards and to help protect the environment and human and animal health.

So, when it comes to two-person shower times who cares?! It really doesn't matter if it's for romance or environmental reasons, using less water will reduce your energy bill and conserve on maybe the most precious natural resource water.

Consider this a job your doing to save the planet, you super heroes.

If you wanted to take an even greater step toward water conservation you could try capturing the water while your shower heats up. To do so, place a large tub under the facet. Remove the tub before you get in for your shower. You can then use the water for plants or other round the house water needs. Some people use this water to fill up their toilet tanks.

For the Hesitant Polluters

Don't worry. This isn't the Thunder Dome; we're not there, yet. It is good for us to challenge the perceptions we have about "the way" to do things.

Being Frugal is Totally Hip

Collecting rain water is another savvy way of using whats already here, and proves your no slouch. Getting the most of the resouces (time energy etc) available makes you feel good while you do good.